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Voorsorgmaatreëls vir die werking van 'n laser-nivelleringsmasjien

Publiseer tyd: 2021-06-29 views: 7

Nowadays, laser leveling machines are used in many ground constructions. As a construction party, they naturally hope that the service life of laser leveling machines can be longer. In fact, the operation effect and service life of laser leveling machines cannot only be based on laser leveling. The price of the leveling machine will also be affected by the daily operation, and today we will come to the popular science under the operation precautions of the laser leveling machine.

First, many construction parties pay much attention to the price of laser levelers when they buy laser levelers. They think that high-priced laser levelers have good construction effects and low fuel consumption, but in fact, the use of laser levelers is very important for drivers. Technical requirements are very high. For example, operations such as loading, walking, turning, leveling, and slope trimming, novice operations and master operations are highly effective, so the operation technology must be paid attention to.

Second, if it’s not in a hurry or under special circumstances, it’s still recommended to keep the engine low. Although the laser screed has high working efficiency at high speeds, the relative fuel consumption is high, and appropriately reducing the speed can make the fuel more efficient. The effect is higher. Naturally speaking, the fuel consumption is reduced, and sufficient fuel combustion can also reduce the production of carbon deposits and other substances, which is also a maintenance for the equipment.

Third, try not to let the laser leveling machine continue to work at full throttle. For most construction operations, the laser leveling machine does not need full throttle operation. Although full throttle operation is efficient, it is more effective for laser leveling. The machine wears a lot, so long-term full throttle operation is not recommended. In addition, it is also recommended to reduce the angle of rotation during construction work, which can improve work efficiency, and because the work cycle is shortened, the fuel rate is improved.

Fourth, try to avoid meaningless operations when driving the laser leveler. In fact, in many cases, the usage of the laser leveler has nothing to do with the price of the laser leveler. If an experienced teacher drives it, the laser leveler is often used. The maintenance will be better.

The points mentioned just now about the operation precautions of the laser leveler can be understood. Good operating habits can prolong the service life of the equipment. This has nothing to do with the price of the laser leveler and is entirely a human operation factor.