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The year of the tiger has made a good start

Publiseer tyd: 2022-02-08 views: 4

Start good luck in 2022

Start! The construction of dynamic machine has started!

The week-long Spring Festival holiday has ended, and the construction of Jiezhou construction machine officially started today. Our friends have made sufficient preparations. We will provide you with high-quality floor machinery products and services with high fighting spirit and enthusiasm

Years later, we are confident and ambitious; Active efforts, energetic, energetic and energetic; Work with enthusiasm, step by step, take a good road; Hard work, hard work and prosperous career; May you make more efforts and show your brilliance after the festival

图片 1Dynamic construction machinery product recommendation

图片 2

Laser Screed LS-400

图片 3

Ride on Trowel QUM-96HA

图片 4

Plate Compactor DUR-600
● The new year opens new hopes, and new gaps carry new dreams. We firmly adhere to the core values of customer satisfaction, honesty and loyalty, courage to innovate and social responsibility, uphold the mission of helping to improve construction quality and make life better, and strive to achieve the goal of becoming a world-class construction equipment supplier.