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The Fifth Terrace Technical Communication of Dynamic Company was Successfully Held

Publiseer tyd: 2021-06-29 views: 6

On November 17, 2017, although the sky was not beautiful, it was raining all the time, but the enthusiasm of the guests did not diminish at all. They began to arrive early in the morning one after another to participate in our "2017 Fifth Floor Industry Technology" Exchange". After a short lunch at noon, our event officially begins! First, the general manager Mr. Wu Yunzhou gave a welcome speech, and then our manager Yu Qinglong from the foreign trade department introduced the 34-year development history of Jiezhou Construction Machinery to the guests.

During the factory tour, the guests spoke highly of our excellent processing equipment and good factory environment. The report of "Integrated Floor Construction" made by Manager Liu Beibei of the Ministry of Internal Trade of our company has aroused strong interest. Next is the speech session of specially invited guests. Each guest had in-depth exchanges with everyone from their respective professional fields. The atmosphere of the whole conference was warm and climax.

We know that the level of mechanization and automation in each industry largely determines the level of development of this industry; and the degree of mechanization of our construction equipment can directly reflect our construction level. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right equipment to design our integrated construction process!

In the product demonstration session, we exhibited a complete set of integrated construction equipment! Although the rainfall is getting heavier, the enthusiasm of the guests is getting higher and higher, and everyone is very enthusiastic to participate in it, and feel the charm of the machine by hand.

Another highlight of this event is the participation of international friends in our activities, making our exchange activities more and more international.